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Affiliate Programming
Affiliate Programming. (For gym and studio owners.)

All affiliates will get access to a red dot on our affiliate map. Which with our worldwide reputation, will help drive more drop-ins and traffic to you location. In addition, it will help you connect with individual users in the area as well.

Access to 5 Daily Programs:
1.) Strength & Conditioning
2.) BodyWork - Bodyweight Only
3.) Sweat - Cardio class with lighter weights
4.) Full Body Aesthetics - Bodybuilding/Hypertrophy Program
5.) The Daily D - Quick workouts (20min.) that only require a set of dumbbells, a jump rope, and a pull-up bar
*Start each program 1 week or more behind so that you can plan for the upcoming days. Many people start 1 month behind.

Partnered paid advertisements. As we have many going at any one time, a new member may opt to join a nearby facility versus our online program. Or they join online and then ultimately choose to go to a gym that follows the program. They can find you easily on the world map.

More features will be coming soon and we are working hard to really provide you with some great stuff in addition to being part of the brand!

*A few added services that we can provide at an additional fee is specialized and direct targeted marketing for each individual location. As well as intertwining the "Earn your carbs lifestyle" challenge into your facility for additional periodical revenue. Please email for more info on those services.

1.) Download the wodify app sent to your email after purchase.
2.) Click the date to go back to past workouts and click program to switch programs.
3.) Within a few days a red dot will appear on the map and people looking for chalk programming can find your facility. This was something that people use to email us about constantly.
4.) You will also be getting an email with a waiver and more info!

Limit: Unlimited
Programs: BodyWork, Full Body Aesthetics, Strength & Conditioning, Sweat!, The Daily D
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Individual Programming
This membership is used for our worldwide following—more than 5,000 STRONG! With this membership you will be receiving daily workouts from 4 different programs:

1.) CrossFit (Our CrossFit programming is challenging! Known for being some of the toughest and best-designed programming around. Every day will be very different from the day before and we will include lots of strength work.)

2.) Sweat! (This program is always about 40 minutes in length. Lots of conditioning, lighter weights, core work, and an emphasis on getting leaner and toned versus stronger.

3.) The Daily D! ( If you have limited time, limited equipment, or travel a lot, then this is the program for you! Each workout is typically 20-30min. in length and only requires a set of dumbbells, a pull-up bar, and a jump rope!)

4.) BodyWork (A challenging bodyweight only program that is truly 1 of a kind and requires absolutely ZERO equipment!)

5.) Full Body Aesthetics (5 day per week full body routine that emphasizes muscle gains with a more traditional bodybuilding approach.) **Until Quarantine is over, this will only require: 1-2 sets of DBs, a pull-up bar, and a resistance band

*Download the Wodify app after purchasing. The whiteboard feature will show the scores for the day and Coachboard will be where you sign in and add your scores. We have one 24-hour class that everyone signs in to. Click Reserve, then Sign In. Once you add your score it will be saved forever so that you may track your progress.
*Join our private Facebook group (Chalk Nation Online) to get answers to any questions you have, submit videos, and be part of the community!
*Since we must provide a workout every day for our in-house members, there is a workout every day on some programs. However, all athletes should be taking 2 days off each week. It's up to you to choose the days
*Recommended to start 1-2 days behind
*Email for questions or membership support
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: BodyWork, Full Body Aesthetics, Strength & Conditioning, Sweat!, The Daily D
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